Bridges to Care Program

Together Colorado “Bridges to Care” Fact Sheet


The Bridges to Care project in Aurora, Colorado follows an initiative developed in Camden, New Jersey by Dr. Jeffrey Brenner called “Hotspotters” that focuses on getting patients and resources out of overcrowded emergency rooms and into quality primary care.  In the “hot spot” model care teams visit patients in high-need, high-cost neighborhoods to improve their access to health care and manage their chronic conditions.  

Press Coverage:

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Read stories of Bridges to Care participants:

     Candy Nunez--Bridges to Care Graduate

     Kathy’s Story--Suspected thyroid condition continues untreated

     Susan's Story--Back pain and eyelid infection and unable to get treatment

     Mandy's Story--Eye infection, temporary blindness, struggle to get treatment and afford medication

     Barbara's Testimony--Family with Health Insurance lost their home

     A provider's lament--Having to use the ER as the portal for patient care