Faith Leaders

Let justice flow like a mighty stream…” Amos 5:24

Together Colorado is committed to equipping and supporting Colorado faith leaders of all traditions and backgrounds into better advocating and working on the behalf of their faith community.  Many of our faith leaders seek support in working towards real change and opportunity for their members, neighbors and friends who continue facing systems that marginalize and oppress their families and friends from living healthy and productive lives in Colorado. 

Through local and national action opportunities, interfaith clergy support circles and full congregation membership options, involvement depends on the unique needs of the faith leader and their faith community.  In such a time as this we must think about how we support one another to voice and organize around the changes we want to see in creating great schools, a fair economy, accountability and voice in local and national policies and access and affordability in healthcare.  Please take a look at our issues tab on the website to become familiar with our work.