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Together Colorado’s parent-led Education Committee works with parents and youth in 15 schools in NNE Denver and DCIS. Our leaders have played an instrumental role in DPS’ implementation of a Weighted Student Funding formula—Student-based Budgeting, and the autonomous & innovation schools policies.  We were the instigators behind the creation of the Success Express in NNE Denver, and bringing the Teacher Home Visit Program from Sacramento to Denver.  We dedicated significant organizational resources to the passage of 1A which established the Denver Preschool Program. 

We have been able to convene principal, parent liaisons and parents to work collaboratively through The Near Northeast Network of Schools.  We have gone from being the quadrant of the city with the highest number of red schools, to a vibrant community of traditional, innovation and charter schools that truly offers a variety of quality options for the NNE community. 


More recently we have worked in Aurora Public Schools, especially Aurora Central High School.  As part of the If Not Now Coalition we are calling on Aurora Public Schools to address chronic failure especially for low-income students and students of color.  Our current campaigns include:

Parent Mentors

Parents are working in 5 NNE schools as parent mentors, creating a liaison between teachers and schools and parents and getting firsthand experience of the reality of education in their children's schools.  Parent mentors are trained as parent leaders to organize with other parents to be agents for positive change in their schools and community.

Parent Education and Engagement in Teacher & School Evaluation: 

See our educational materials helping parents to understand and navigate DPS' LEAP program and Colorado Academic Standards/CMAS/School Evaluations.

Parent Engagement Campaign, For Parents By Parents: ARE YOU IN?

This campaign has grown out of our years of work in helping to build a network of high quality schools in NNE and most recently, through conversations this past year at our monthly NNE parent liaison meetings and at our quarterly meetings for NNE parents. We are taking a dual approach (1) equipping parents with proven strategies for working with their children at home as well as (2) encouraging parents to become involved in larger areas of school policy and advocacy. We have marketing pieces in draft format – buttons and magnets that stir conversations about parent involvement.   Our theme is:  Are You In?  Involved, Informed, Inspired.  We will be training parent leaders, faculty and administrators to use this as a tool for talking with parents about parent engagement starting with registration and carrying on throughout the school year. We will be asking families at registration to opt in to text messaging for parent engagement tips – while also working with individual schools to more effectively use text messages.


 Report Shows Denver School Choice Program Can Be Improved for Latinos

Fulfilling the Promise of Choice: Challenges and Opportunities in School Choice Decisions Made by Latino Families | [pdf]
To better understand how Latino families choose their schools, this research report combines ethnographies and focus groups to identify themes about how families currently navigate Denver’s school choice process.





Pre-School Matters