Issues & Results

Mental Health and Wellness


Members of the Our Savior’s Community Organizing Ministry (OSCOM) have continued to work with CHARG to overcome barriers for those suffering from mental conditions.  We’ve learned that our work will benefit other citizens, too, giving us more bang for our buck.  As mentioned before, we are tackling three issues: 1) affordable housing, 2) access to care, and 3) law enforcement.  The affordable housing group met with City Council representative, Robin Kniech, on Oct 19.  That group has also made connections with the Women’s Homelessness Initiative.  The law enforcement group met with Captain Shayne Grannum from the Denver Sheriff’s Dept on Oct 13 to establish a working relationship, express our concerns about jail deaths, and move toward meeting with the Denver Police Dept.  Such meetings have been most encouraging, and fill us with hope.

      Together Colorado (OSCOM’s guiding organization) is working non-stop for approval of Amendment T (No Slavery, No Exceptions), Amendment 69 (establishment of a state health care system, ColoradoCare), and Amendment 70 (increase minimum wage in Colorado to $12/hour by 2020).  As you prepare to vote, please carefully research the candidates and ballot issues and pray for guidance.  As the hands of God in the world, we are compelled to look at the least among us with love, and work toward justice for all.