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Pueblo's Energy Future

For the past year, Energy Justice has been a focus of our SE Colorado Faith Leaders Caucus, Faith Leaders in Action (FLiA). The local energy provider, Black Hills Energy (BHE), has among the highest rates, and worst cut off and reconnect policies in the state, leaving thousands of Pueblo residents out in the cold, or without ventilation in the heat of the summer.

 FLiA, as part of the coalition, Pueblo's Energy Future (PEF), was key in filling the Pueblo City Council chambers in February 2016 that lead to a liaison to BHE being appointed by Council to work on these issues. Then in August, over 500 people attended the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) public hearing at the Pueblo Convention Center to oppose a proposed BHE rate hike. 

 This type of public response has never been seen in Pueblo.  Organizing is making a difference! 

Links to latest news:

December 11th,2016. Group uses Advent themes to protest Black Hills Energy rates:

Sunday, December 4th, 2016. Pueblo group gathers to protest Black Hills Energy Rates:

A link to the Pueblo City Council Work Session regarding energy future:

Change starts with you! 

PUC Commissioner Frances Koncilja stood up for Pueblo on the recent Black Hills Energy rate increase request now it's our turn to stand up for her!