Consuelo del Valle

I first became involved with Together Colorado when Maria Alcocer, Columbine teacher and Together Colorado Education Leader, and Meghan Carrier, Together Colorado Organizer, invited me into the Parent Mentor Program at Columbine Elementary School in January 2013. Before participating in the Parent Mentor Program, my idea of parent engagement in my children’s schooling included ensuring they arrived to school on time, completed their homework and making sure I stay informed about their behavior in school.  However, my work with Together Colorado taught me how to be involved in my children’s education in a more profound way.  I no longer only inquired about my children’s behavior, but also wanted to know about their academic level and how I could support them in being successful. I began attending various parent and community meetings and encouraged other parents to do the same.

After my participation in the Parent Mentor Program, I was asked to be one of two Parent Mentor Coordinators (a new role) where I was responsible for supporting 10 new parent mentors in two schools.  Although challenging, the role as coordinator taught me how to work with people who have various ideas, backgrounds and experiences.  I learned how to effectively proposition parent mentors and support their leadership growth.  The encouragement from my organizer and the leadership vision she had for me, allowed me to flourish in the role of coordinator

During my time as Parent Mentor Coordinator, I was invited to join the Together Colorado Board of Directors.  It took me some time to make the decision to accept the invitation because I thought that the leaders on the Board had to have been with Together Colorado for many years and would be more educated and professional than me.  However, after joining the Board I was impressed by how all the members work together in a very integrated manner.

Currently I work for a small business where I supervise 12 employees who clean banks.  It is because of my work with Together Colorado that I was able to first get a job to clean banks myself and then become a supervisor of other workers.  After cleaning banks for one month, the owner of the cleaning business gave me the opportunity to supervise five employees as a test to see if I could handle the responsibility of a management role.  Within a few more months I began supervising 12 employees between two to four banks a night.  The role as a Parent Mentor Coordinator prepared me well to know how to manage people, treat them as professionals and yet hold them accountable, and encourage open communication.  My connection with Together Colorado has allowed me to grow in my leadership and use new skills gained to better my life and my family’s.  I know I have a network of support at Together Colorado that I can lean on as well as contribute to.


Consuelo del Valle

Together Colorado Board Member

Together Colorado Education Leader