Graciela Moreno

Graciela is a CNA, a mother of three and has lived in Aurora for the last seven years.

In February of 2013, Graciela started feeling very dizzy, vomiting and running a temperature. She was taken to the University of Colorado hospital. After some tests doctors thought she was having a stroke and had her stay overnight. She felt very comfortable at the ER because the staff treated her well. It was not until the next morning when a woman tossed her discharge papers that she realized her ER service was over because she did not have health insurance. With one bottle of medicine, Graciela left the hospital.

She has not been able to get a follow up appointment since her hospital stay. Graciela is a nurse so she knows she needs medical attention or she could have a stroke, “It isn’t right, I know my body and I know what is happening to me.”

“The impact of not having access is very frustrating because I know I need to see a doctor and that I need medical attention. If I don’t get seen, I could have a stroke and my son knows that I am not well and is not at peace because I haven’t had follow up. “