Guillermina Bastidas

Guillermina Basitida, originally from Sinaloa, Mexico, currently resides in Aurora, Colorado.  She has been a Together Colorado leader for three years. Guillermina’s passion for social justice stems from her humble upbringing in a small town in Mexico. Reflecting on her childhood she shares how she has always disliked injustices. Her father, the only bread winner of the family, had an accident when she was a small child which put her family at a disadvantage. They had to move because her father could no longer work as a farmer. Her father ended up finding a job as a government official which didn’t pay much. This new position could not provide for their large family of 10 but they made ends meet. They lived in a small house made out of clay bricks that had only three rooms and a kitchen. Growing up in such conditions made her value life. Guillermina recalls feeling angry when people made fun of others because of their economic circumstances and/or their physical appearance.  

Guillermina’s husband was very controlling. He would not let her visit her family in Mexico; when her grandma passed away and he didn’t allow her to attend the funeral, the fire inside her exploded. Against her husband’s wishes she went to Mexico to visit her grandma’s grave. On her return she obtained a job for the first time. She earned money to legalize her parents so they could come and visit her in the United States.

As a member of Together Colorado, Guillermina has found a way to channel her fire in a positive way. She is tremendously involved in Together Colorado’s Immigration Committee. Even though she is a naturalized US citizen she understands the struggles of her people because she herself was once an immigrant. People in her community at St. Pius trust and love her; they always seek her out for the most updated information on immigration. She is a leader who is able to mobilize her community to attend actions, collect signatures on petitions, and identify personal immigration stories which are shared with our congressional leaders in order to move them to pass comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship. Through Together Colorado she has had the opportunity to meet and learn from others who share the same passion for social justice. Guillermina’s vision for human dignity in the state of Colorado is to respect one another regardless of age, color, sex, and faith traditions.