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Hi, my name is Victor Hugo Sanchez . I am the father of 4 children with US citizenship and I am currently facing deportation.  I am the only and main source of income of the family.  My deportation would break our family apart, which would have a great emotional impact on my children. They are already asking when I will have to leave which affects them emotionally and in school.

I am in the process of deportation for not paying a traffic ticket for driving without a license or insurance. In fact I took care of the problem by paying over $2000 which also included fines. However, I am already in the hands of ICE authorities and although my record is clean, they still want to deport me.

We paid a lawyer over $3000 over the course of three years to represent me in immigration court, but he did nothing to try to resolve my case.

I found a new lawyer. It will be another $3000 but we hope to win my case so I will be able to stay here with my family.  We worked hard with leaders of the Immigration Committee to get the support of faith leaders, we collected signatures on a petition and we held two vigils in front of the immigration court.  At what was to be my final court hearing in August 2014, the judge gave me more time to resolve my case. 

We are not rich. I work in landscaping, we live day to day, earning what is necessary to live. All these extra legal expenses mean that I have had to work overtime, often 7 days a week, leaving us with no extra money and just barely having enough to purchase clothes and shoes for our children.

We know this is the reality for many other people. Thanks to the Administrative Relief declared by President Obama on November 20, 2014, Together Colorado leaders are now working hard to make sure that as many families as possible are protected from the fear of deportation.