Imelda Cuevas

My name is Imelda Cuevas, I am from Aurora. I have lived in this country for more than 14 years. Even if I was not born in this country I feel like this country is mine. My two children are American Citizens. I work many hours and my husband holds 2 jobs. I have never asked for any government assistance. We are up to date on paying our taxes just like any other American family. I am a proud home owner. By the grace of God my husband is able to pay for medical insurance for the family.

I am excited for President Obama’s new DAPA program, as I am a potential candidate.  This program will allow me to come out of the shadows to fulfill my American dream of giving my children a better life and pursue higher education and obtain a degree in marketing.

I would like to get in my vehicle and drive without fear of getting stopped by the police. A few months ago a drunk driver ran into my car and I was scared to call the police. But thinking that this drunk driver could hurt someone else I got brave and made the call. I thank God the officer was kind to only take the report. Reporting the incident gave me peace of mind, that I had done the right thing for my community. However, others don’t have the same luck of just reporting an incident and not ending up in a detention center, as a result, get separated from their family.

It’s a struggle to get in my car every day without a driver license, it’s a basic necessity, I have to get to work, get groceries, take my kids to school, go to church, get to medical appointments, its endless the reasons why we need to come out of the shadows. My Congressman Mike Coffman just recently announced that he was against the DAPA program, a program that will bring my family out of the shadows. With a work status, many of us would demand better work conditions, better pay, and good benefits. This only hurts our community not only the immigrant community but everyone as a whole. I would like my children to feel proud of their mother and not have fear that one day I will not pick them up from school.  We contribute to the economy, we are not criminals, we are asking for an opportunity as many other immigrants before me have had.