Nancy Paz

My name is Nancy Paz. I have lived in Denver Colorado for 11 years. I am a leader with Together Colorado at Cole Arts & Science Academy (CASA). I have 4 children who are US citizens. The most important thing for me is the welfare and safety of my family, that my husband and I can give a better future to my children, that they find careers that will benefit them in the future to have a better life.

We have done a lot to get to this country.  We suffered along the way; it is quite difficult and dangerous. It took us a whole week after we passed the border to get here to Denver and I can say that this has been one of the most awful experiences I've had in my life.  My husband and I came here together but after we crossed the border they detained him and I knew nothing of him for that week, I did not know if he was arrested or whether he was back in Mexico.

The belief that we would have a better life with better opportunities for us gave me the strength to continue the longest and most dangerous journey of my life. We want to achieve many goals that we had in our country the economic situation and insecurity in our country.  

After a year of marriage, in conversations with my husband, we thought about what our life would be like in our country, and it was impossible to imagine what kind of life that we could give to our family with $500 pesos a week which is what people earn there; this is only $ 33 a week. We understood that with that this would not be enough to have a family and give them a good quality of life.

I would benefit from President Obama’s Deferred Action for Parent Responsibility or DAPA program. It is very emotional for me to think about this program because my family has fought hard for this program. Through DAPA I could have a good job to support my children more and help them with their dreams.

I have a child with asthma who needs special care.  It always scares me to think that they could deport me and then who would take care of him. Right now the most important thing for me is to see that my children have the best education and health care so that they can become professionals and contribute to the community.

Through Together Colorado I have learned how I can contribute to my community and take part in this society to make it better and this is something that my children can also do if I could get out of the shadows.

The work of immigrants in Colorado contributes $ 42.5 billion to the economy. Now if we could imagine how much more we could contribute if we had a program like DACA where people could have better jobs and where they would pay us better so that we could contribute more to the economy.