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A Temporary Solution for Colorado...

August 24, 2011  |  The Denver Post (Letter to the Editor)  |  Link to article

Your editorial on Rollie Heath’s initiative to raise money for public education was tepid support at best. As a campaign volunteer, I offer the following: This measure is limited to five years and is not intended as a permanent solution to the state’s fiscal morass. Doing nothing will not maintain the status quo, but will result in a further round of deep cuts to education. Those who automatically label any tax increase, no matter how meager, as “job killing” should understand that further cuts to education would be attended by considerable job losses for teachers and support staff.

It is a distressing symbol of our times that society will allow continued tax cuts for the ultra-affluent, while slashing funds for education and vital social safety nets, yet still maintain that “All must share the burden.”

Frank Tapy, Denver


This letter was published in the Aug. 24 edition.