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Boulder Faith and Clergy Leaders Organized a Silent Prayer Witness

March 16, 2013


Approximately 100 diverse group of clergy and faith leaders from across the spectrum of Boulder County’s faith communities, gathered at 14th and Canyon Blvd in Boulder, CO on March 16, 2013 in response to concern after reading the February 27, 2013 Daily Camera report: Boulder event aims to flood Colo. with high-capacity magazines before potential ban. In the wake of so many deaths by gun violence, this story about “Operation Mountain Standard” is extremely disturbing in its description of a campaign to bring as many high capacity magazines to our state as possible before legislation may make them illegal.


We see this as a perversion of Second Amendment rights and a great threat to the safety of our citizens. It is beyond our comprehension that individuals promote possession of such destructive ammunition for civilians of our communities when so many in our state and our country are reeling from the horrors of too many tragic deaths as a result of gun violence.


We, the undersigned clergy and faith leaders and members of Together Colorado, are committed to the safety of our congregants and our citizens and would like to see the amount of firearms in Colorado, and especially high capacity magazines, reduced, not increased. As leaders in communities of faith, we strive for non-violence, peace and tolerance among all people of this state.


We pray that others will join with us to change that deep-seated vein in our culture which glorifies and sanctions violence as a means of resolving conflict. We urge others to work with us in launching a community-wide dialogue involving all parties with the aim of ensuring a safer and more violence-free environment for our families and children.