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Catholic Church and Together Colorado seek revision of SB-251 driver license program - Denver Catholic

Human Dignity & Just Immigration Reform

February 9, 2018  |  Vladimir Mauricio-Perez, Denver Catholic  |  Link to article

"The 2013 Colorado Road and Community Safety Act (SB-251) is a program supported by the Catholic Church that has provided driver’s licenses, permits and IDs to over 50,000 immigrants in Colorado. However, some lapses in the law have left 40 percent of Colorado immigrant residents without such documentation. The new SB18-108 was recently proposed by state legislators with bipartisan support and is meant to address the issues raised by SB-251...

'It is our duty to work hard for the legal improvement of our system and laws, perfecting them and producing laws that respect reason and promote the common good of our country and society,' said Bishop Rodriguez during his reflection on the role of laws in society. 'Law has to be based on reason and not on custom, will, politics, power or fashion.'

SB18-108 seeks to make identification documents available for undocumented immigrants with SSNs and allow the renewal process to be done online or by mail...

Other than impacting undocumented parents, this law is also affecting their children’s education, said Cynthia Trinidad-Sheahan, director of secondary education and educator effectiveness in Adams 14 district.

'Many educators seem to have misconceptions that the parents of these students don’t care,' she continued. 'But it’s because many times they don’t have a way to take them to school… which [makes] their involvement in the child’s education [difficult]...'

Many students and children are psychologically affected by the uncertainty of the status of their parents. Laura Peniche, a DACA recipient and volunteer activist, reflected on the fear she and her children experience.

Her oldest daughter knows that one day they may be separated, that her mother may be deported, a hard reality for a child, she said. Peniche asked all Colorado residents to contact their state senator to show support for the SB18-108, so that immigrants may not fear to drive and can work to provide for their families...

This article originally published on February 5, 2018 from the Denver Catholic. It has been formatted for publication on Together Colorado's latest news page.

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