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Colorado honors Martin Luther King Jr. - The Denver Post

January 17, 2018  |  The Denver Post  |  Link to article

Photo credit: Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post

"[Colorado leaders] urged a big turnout Monday for Denver’s march from City Park to Civic Center. They called for political action to tackle systemic problems from unfair labor laws to 'the prison-industrial complex.'

A half century after King led millions making a stand, 'we also are standing in the shadows of some deep sorrow in our country,' the Rev. Terrence Hughes, president of the Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance, told a crowd of 500 at the Friendship Baptist Church of Christ Jesus in east Denver.

'It is what unites us that is important,' Hughes said. 'We all have a moral obligation to challenge that which is challenging us.'"

This article originally published on January 14, 2018 by Bruce Finley, from The Denver Post. It has been formatted for publication on Together Colorado's latest news page. 

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