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Colorado minimum wage takes second step up in 2018 - The Denver Post

January 1, 2018  |  The Denver Post  |  Link to article

"On Monday, Colorado’s minimum wage rose to $10.20 an hour from $9.30, which follows an increase a year earlier from $8.41. Two more increases are coming at the start of 2019 and 2020...

Supporters of the measure argue that the dire predictions of job losses and business closures, especially in the restaurant industry, haven’t panned out.

'Job growth has been strong in the industry, profits are robust — $12 billion in the last year and growing — and, of course, the industry is reliant on people having enough disposable income to spend on eating out,' said Michelle Webster, an economist with the Colorado Center on Law and Policy.

Webster said an economic forecast from the University of Colorado predicts continued gains next year in restaurant employment, which accounts for about one in 10 jobs nationally.

Workers earning the minimum wage or just above it say the increase has made a difference in their lives. But they also question whether the ask was too modest given how much housing costs continue to rise..."

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