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Crunch Time for the DREAM Act!

September 15, 2010

We just hit crunch time for the DREAM Act!

Senator Harry Reid just announced that he will be putting the DREAM Act up for a vote next Tuesday as part of the Defense Appropriations Bill. And we need to push as hard as we can in the next few days to make it happen!!!

Now is the time to ACT!

Please call 1-866-945-0566 

This number will connect you with all three of your Congressional representatives. 

We can make a brighter day for tens of thousands of immigrant youth by calling our Member of Congress and telling them:  

"Giving our children the opportunities they need to succeed is the American dream that unites us all.  We are calling on you to pass the DREAM Act this year as a down payment on passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform in the near future. Thank you for co-sponsoring DREAM! Please vote YES and make a floor speech in support."

Here is one example of the thousands of students who are denied access to higher education and the urgent need for you to take action now: STUDENT VIDEO.

It is crunch time to pass the DREAM Act, a critical first step toward full immigration reform.

Thank you for your dedication and support!