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Is ICE targeting immigration activists? - Democracy Now

January 23, 2018  |  Democracy Now  |  Link to article

Photo credit: The Aspen Times

"AMY GOODMAN: I want to turn to an interview I did this weekend in Colorado, in Carbondale, with Sandra Lopez, who has taken sanctuary in Colorado. She’s a Mexican mother of three U.S. citizen children. She has taken sanctuary to avoid being deported to Mexico. Last weekend, I went to the [Unitarian] parsonage in Carbondale. We had a long conversation, and we’re going to play that in the coming days. But I asked her about the news that ICE agents had just arrested the husband of another woman who had taken sanctuary, Ingrid Latorre, a Colorado immigrant rights leader who has sought sanctuary to avoid her deportation. Ingrid’s husband Eliseo was arrested Thursday, the same day Ravi Ragbir was detained here in New York City. This is Sandra Lopez.

SANDRA LOPEZ: [translated] Being a leader isn’t easy. And they want to try and separate us and prevent us from working together. But we talk a lot. I’m extremely angry about what happened to Eliseo, Ingrid’s husband. It has affected me a lot. It’s affected me as a mother, as thinking about myself as a wife and a friend to Ingrid. And I see this as an attack on sanctuary. And I want Ingrid to know that she’s not alone. We’re here. We’re angry. And we’re supporting her. We’re supporting Eliseo. They are doing this to try and weaken us. They want to frighten us and divide us. But, no, we need to be astute. We need to be organized. We need to leave behind the fear and the shadows and continue raising our voices. There’s the quote that “divided, we fall.” We’re going to stay strong and united, and we’re going to continue defending our dignity and defending sanctuary.

AMY GOODMAN: So, that is Sandra Lopez in the Episcopal parsonage in Carbondale, there for three months with her 2-year-old, Areli. And she is saying, “I want Ingrid,” another woman who has taken sanctuary, “to know she is not alone,” because Eliseo, Ingrid’s husband, was surrounded by ICE agents and taken."

This transcript originally published on January 17, 2018 from Democracy Now. It has been formatted for publication on Together Colorado's latest news page.

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The Women's March 2.0 on January 20, 2018, in Carbondale, CO was dedicated to Sandra Lopez to show solidarity.