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Mayor Reed Commits: New Police Chief Must Deal with Racial Profiling

January 30, 2011

Last Thursday night Mayor Reed met with PACT and more than 800 community members concerned about community safety, lack of trust in the police and the hiring of the Chief of Police.

After listening to powerful testimony about the critical need to rebuild community-police trust, Mayor Reed said:

"I would not support a police chief who doesn't take these matters seriously... and who doesn't have the capacity to engage in our community to deal with the problem of racial profiling."

See video clips of Mayor Reed and PACT leader Marvelyn Maldonado explaining about the problem of racial profiling that destroys community-police trust and undermines public safety.

PACT leaders spoke about this year’s wave of violence and asked Mayor Reed, City Manager Debra Figone and County Board President Dave Cortese to rebuild a safe community for all residents, including immigrants.

> City Manager Figone committed to establish a plan with the new chief of police to rebuild trust and eliminate racial profiling and to report back to PACT in six months.

> Mayor Reed began a partnership with Supervisor Cortese to institute a reentry program for juveniles and said he was looking forward to working with PACT to “take back our streets for our people.”

PACT's grassroots community and faith leaders will continue to work with the City and community to ensure that San Jose is safe for ALL residents.