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MOP Applauds Bruce Randolph School for Their Well Deserved Recognition by President Obama

January 25, 2011

DENVER, CO - Metro Organizations for People (MOP) congratulates the students, teachers, administration and families of Bruce Randolph School.  The decision by President Obama to highlight the achievements of Bruce Randolph during last night’s State of the Union is well-deserved recognition for the work the entire community has done to boost Bruce Randolph’s academic achievement.   

"I am ecstatic to know that the efforts made by the passionate educators along with my bright fellow students, are being noticed by the most powerful man in the nation,” said Isaias Vasquez, a 12th grade high school student at Bruce Randolph. “I will forever be thankful to Dr. Waters and her team for being the angels that came to our rescue, and helped us reach higher than our imagination could. Thanks to President Obama’s inspirational words, I feel even more empowered to let the world know about the success story of Bruce Randolph School."   

Holly Hudson, a parent leader at Bruce Randolph responded, “My pride in Bruce Randolph School could not have shined any brighter then when I heard our school name come from the mouth of President Obama. I am and will always be a believer in what is happening at Bruce Randolph.”     

Bruce Randolph holds a singular place in the reform movement in Colorado.  With the support of parents and students who are members of Metro Organizations for People (MOP), an affiliate of the PICO National Network, Bruce Randolph became the first public school in Colorado to request and gain significant local school autonomy over their budget, staffing, schedule, school calendar and curriculum. MOP has a long history of supporting local school autonomy which we believe, when combined with strong accountability for student success, represents the structural breakthrough needed to dramatically increase student achievement and school performance.    

The early leadership by Bruce Randolph teachers and administration in addition to the strong support of then Superintendent Michael Bennet and the DPS Board of Education, paved the way for passage of Senator Peter Groff’s Innovation Schools Act of 2008 which provided a clear pathway for public schools in Colorado to gain autonomy through innovation status.  Since passage of the bill, an increasing number of schools are opting for innovation status so that they may better serve their students.  Many of these schools are starting to show promising academic achievement results like those hailed by the President in last night’s State of the Union Address.