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People of Fatih Proclaim the Federal Budget and Threats by the Trump Admin are Immoral

Human Dignity & Just Immigration Reform

August 29, 2017

People of Faith Proclaim the Federal Budget and Threats by the Trump Administration are Immoral

 Denver- Together Colorado leaders gathered today at the GEO Detention Center in Aurora for a press conference to declare the proposed Federal Budget by the Trump Administration, recent pardoning of Arpaio and complacency of White Supremacy groups presents moral crisis in our state and country. 

Pastor Doug Nelson of The Refuge in Broomfield began with a faith reflection stating, "Our faith traditions teach us to Be Not Afraid! Corporations like GEO and policies like the Federal Budget are institutions and systems built upon fear. We are compelled by the wisdom of our sacred traditions to put our faith over fear." 

Together Colorado Board President, Sharon Bridgeforth, followed with, "Public safety is defined as cops, courts and cages. The federal budget defines immigration enforcement as more Boots of ICE officers and Border Patrol in our communities, an increased Bed Quota for private detention centers and building a wall along the border. This is how our tax dollars are being used, to construct an immoral agenda through the federal budget. We are here today to say clearly to the Trump Administration HANDS OFF OUR FAMILIES, NOW!" 

As people of faith, we believe in:

Building a Beloved Community, not more boots of law enforcement on the ground to incarcerate and separate our families!

Restoration of life, not in unjust court systems to fulfill bed quotas to profit off of people!

Human dignity for ALL, not building cages and walls!

Lee McNeil, Together Colorado leader and member of Shorter Community AME Church, shared in her testimony about how her son was continuously harassed by Denver law enforcement and ultimately subjected to long term sentencing. McNeil questioned the crowd, "Should a series of traffic violations- for a supposed broken tail light and not having both hands on the wheel- make my son into a criminal?" She continued, "Trump has declared himself as a 'Law and Order President' and we know this means communities of color, people like my son, are at risk of being torn apart from their families and forced into the system of mass incarceration. As people of faith, we must speak up, speak out and proclaim the truth that we believe in the restoration of life."  

 "The increase of $4.4 billion for the Department of Homeland Security in the 2018 Federal Budget will increase Private Detention Center Contracts with corporations like GEO and increase the number of people detained by 51,000 beds. We know this is related to the efforts of repealing DACA and Temporary Protective Status Programs," testified Laura Peniche, Together Colorado leader.

The Trump administration currently threatens the future of 17,300 Coloradan Dreamers with DACA, as we await the national decisions to defend or rescind this program. The decision of the Department of Homeland Security to end Temporary Protective Status programs for Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador over the next six months also makes 1,400 hardworking Coloradans vulnerable to losing their immigration status and a priority for mass deportation. 

Peniche closed her testimony declaring, "I am 1 of 17,300 Coloradans who currently benefits from DACA. And my basic human rights are under attack. Today, I refuse to let the Trump Administration take away my American Dream. Today, I refuse to be another statistic for this mass deportation and mass incarceration pipeline."