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Puebloans gather for health care reform lecture

Health Care Reform

May 8, 2012  |  KOAA - Channel 5 News  |  Link to article

Dozens of people in Pueblo turned out for a lecture on health care reform. The event took place at the Wesley United Methodist Church.

The director of Pueblo's Health Department spoke about some of the issues facing the city including the high number of chronic illnesses, obesity and teen pregnancy.

The keynote speaker was Wendell Potter, a former public relations specialist for a major health care company. He's pushing for reform... that includes health coverage for all Americans.

"Everyone needs to have access to health insurance. One of the things I point out to people is that we all in this country are just a layoff away from being in the ranks of the uninsured," said Wendell Potter.

The group Together Colorado organized the free event. Potter also spoke to groups in Colorado Springs.