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Report: Denver School Performance

October 17, 2011  |  Link to article

Dear Members and Friends,


Denver voters will decide in two short weeks whether Denver Public Schools stays the course, takes reform to the next level or goes back.  This will be a critical election for the deciding the future of DPS and voters will need to beyond the campaign rhetoric of all the candidates to make an informed decision about who should set policy and lead the Denver School Board.  


In order to assist Denver voters and the larger community on recent reforms in Denver, A+ Denver is releasing our report, Denver School Performance by School Board Member District: Results and Trends.   This report describes in detail the distribution of quality schools by Denver school board member district.  


The report shows that while there are enormous disparities in school quality and size by DPS board member district, there is no district that is not in need of serious reform.  For instance, the most affluent district in Denver, district #1 in SE has many distinguished elementary schools but most High school graduates in SE require remedial classes for entering college.


Our report also shows that the most disadvantaged district in terms of poverty and second language learners, district #2 in SW Denver has made some significant progress in terms of providing better schools while getting more students out of failing schools.


District #5 in NW Denver is now the most challenged DPS board member district in terms of quality schools with only 1 in 25 students attending a "distinguished" schools while nearly 1 in 4 students attend schools in the lowest two school performance categories.


We hope this will be a useful guide for board members, board candidates, and most importantly, voters in helping direct thought and action where Denver most needs reform and effective schools. 


We also want to remind you that A+ Denver along with Get Smart Schools, Univision, Fox31, Colorado Children's Campaign, Colorado Succeeds, Metro Organizations for People, Padres Unidos, Colorado League of Charter Schools and Teach for America will be hosting a DPS board candidate forum for all 3 races.

This is the last forum to for you to hear directly from the candidates before voting!

October 18, 2011
6pm - 7:30pm
University of Denver - Davis Auditorium - 2000 East Asbury Ave


Ballots will be arriving this week, please take the time to help your friends and neighbors make an informed choice in deciding the next DPS school board members.  It will have a lasting impact on whether DPS can make the Denver a truly great world class city.


Thanks, Van