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Suicide-prevention forum identifies steps, hears moving testimonials - The Daily Sentinel

February 15, 2018  |  The Daily Sentinel  |  Link to article

"In the first-ever suicide prevention forum organized by the Western Slope Faith Leaders Table and Together Colorado, more than 150 attendees joined representatives from area churches, community leaders and suicide prevention organizations to identify key steps to help prevent teen suicides. The group was spurred to action by a rash of teen suicides in Mesa County last year and a traditionally high suicide rate among local adults.

The presentation also featured testimonials from parents who lost children to suicide, parents who didn't know how to help their children's suicidal friends, adults who contemplated suicide and a teenager who suffered with suicidal thoughts for years before she got help...

Erica Kitzman shared the story of how she lost her daughter to suicide, and encouraged faith communities to find tangible ways to help people in addition to offering prayer and to be accepting and forgiving.

'We have to stop hiding our struggles and stop pretending that we're perfect,' she said."...

Leaders asked community members to think of how they could be a trusted adult for a teenager in the community, how they can listen and get resources for help..."

This article originally published on February 13, 2018 from The Daily Sentinel. It has been formatted for publication on Together Colorado's latest news page. 

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