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February 28, 2013

Together Colorado Clergy Asking for Civility Conversation Around Gun Legislation


Denver, CO - This morning, at the State Capitol, Together Colorado clergy called for civility and honesty around the conversation for gun legislation.

Faith leaders and clergy came together and stood in solidarity and called upon the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, National Rifle Association, and other groups to admonish their members to act with civility and love.

"Rev. Andrew Midgyett, Together Colorado leader and a minster at Shorter AME church said, "We are not calling out the NRA and RMGO or in any way holding them responsible for the threats that have been made [however] we are asking them stand against that kind of behavior."

There have been multiple threats made to Colorado legislators who are supporting gun violence prevention bills. Together Colorado clergy and faith leaders are glad these threats are being investigated, and they will not tolerate the threatening conversations that have been made particularly directed towards Rep. Rhonda Fields.

"We understand that people have different points of opinion on gun legislation, but we can still be civil and loving towards each other," said Pastor Mark Hill Together Colorado leader and Pastor of Cleaves Memorial. "If we can't get to the point to love one another let's at least love life."

Together Colorado faith leader, Rev. Andrew Midgyett with Shorter AME, led a prayer for the law makers and protection for them, and for the hearts of humanity. Pastor Hardy Swazer, a leader with Together Colorado and Pastor of Morning Star Baptist, spoke about gun violence on the street and called for choosing to be kind and civil to each other. Brother Jeff Fard, spoke about self-control and supporting Rep. Fields and protecting our legislators so they can do their jobs. Pastor Hill shared a Bible verse in the Book of James, which explained the importance of civility towards one another and the impact of damaging words when we don't have self-control.

Additional clergy attending the press conference in support of civility were Rev. Bonita Bock - Our Saviors Lutheran, Pastor Linda Marshall - Trinity United Methodist Church, Rev. Andrew Midgyett - Shorter AME, and Pastor Vern Rempel with First Mennonite Church, and Pastor Ruth Woodiff-Stanley with St. Thomas Episcopal Church.

The press conference was sponsored by Together Colorado and Mayors Against Illegal Guns.


Together Colorado is a non-partisan, multi-racial, multi-faith community organization that unlocks the power of people to transform their communities through community organizing.