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When the dignity of our community is violated, we will not remain silent.

January 12, 2018

As a multi-race and multi-faith organization, Together Colorado Board, Staff, and Leaders condemn the racist remarks of the President. We stand with our brothers and sisters of color to denounce these bigoted comments.

The racist remarks coming out of the White House have reached a new level. This language is beyond unacceptable. We cannot allow these harmful statements to be normalized in our country and our world. His reluctance to condemn white supremacist actions coupled with his dismissal of entire nations and continents whose populations are non-white will not be tolerated.

“It is a sad indictment of this country that we have a White Supremacist in the White House that was built by slaves,” states Together Colorado Board President, Sharon Bridgeforth. “His comments drive home the point that ‘Make America Great Again’ is code language for ‘Make America White Again.’”

Our obligation, as people of faith, is to stand up against racism and hate, to call it out when we see it, and to work to dismantle our white supremacist culture. Let us not forget, we're all made in the image of our creator.

Pastor Caitlin Trussell of Augustana Lutheran Church reminds us that Jesus “[Challenged] the norms of his time…[and] regularly crossed lines of race, gender, and class to reveal God's love for the world – the whole world. The words of contempt spoken by the President for large swaths of the world so loved and our siblings of color are insupportable and must be challenged.”

Building upon the wisdom of our ancestors and faith traditions, we know, and hold true, that all people have the right be seen, be respected, and live a life of dignity.

“President Trump's most recent and overtly racist remark is an evil which should not be tolerated by any person of faith, the American people or any politician. This remark, along with his other racist, sexist and homophobic comments and actions, is personally harmful to many people of all cultures and genders here and abroad, and it is demeaning and damaging to our country. I constantly pray that our president will live up to the better angels of our nature, as President Lincoln once termed it, and govern with honor, respect and integrity,” Reverend Jann Halloran, pastor of Prairie Unitarian Universalist Church, concludes.

We will not tolerate racism. Compassion and love are greater than fear; community is stronger than individualism. We will not remain silent.

- The Together Colorado Board, Staff, and Leaders