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Why CHIP is so essential for American Kids - Vox

Health Care Reform

January 20, 2018  |  Dylan Scott, Vox  |  Link to article

"There have been rumblings late this week that Congress might finally pull together and extend CHIP for the long term, especially once a Congressional Budget Office report showed it would be effectively cost-free to fund the program for the next 10 years...

Most families covered by CHIP have more routine health needs. But in many states, those families are starting to fear for their coverage...

Several states, including Connecticut and Colorado, have notified families that their coverage could end if Congress doesn’t extend CHIP’s funding. Georgetown’s Center for Children and Families estimated that 1.7 million children in 24 states could be at risk of losing CHIP coverage by the end of February...

Even if the program is eventually funded, this could do long-term damage. Previous episodes in Florida and elsewhere have shown how much uncertainty around the CHIP program can unsettle families. Uncertainty does real and lasting damage to the program’s reputation and its ability to keep families enrolled when they suddenly doubt that it will be there for the long term."

This article originally published on January 12, 2018 on Vox. It has been formatted for publication on Together Colorado's latest news page.

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