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Keeping the DREAM Alive Resource Guide

For Educators, Pre-Collegiate Programs, Community Organizations and Students 

This resource guide has been compiled with the help of many individuals, community groups and local and national organizations. In no way is this guide to be considered an original source of information.  It is also not a legal guide and should not be used as such. 

The information contained herein is a collection of existing and new resources, information and strategies for advising students through the college admission process.  We have attempted to give credit where credit is known and deserved.  However, in some instances, we were unable to locate the original sources of information for various reasons.  In those cases, we apologize in advance.  It is our hope that other community organizations understand the intent is to provide updated and accurate information to impact the lives of students, not to take credit for the resources and materials others may have produced.   

To add to this resource, or to suggest changes or recommendations, please contact us.

Thank you to the following individuals and organizations for their contributions and submissions to this guide: National Immigrant Law Center, Higher Education Access Alliance, College Summit, Metro Organizations for People, Denver Scholarship Foundation, Nancy Hernandez, National Council of La Raza, Latin American Educational Foundation, Educators for Fair Consideration, National Immigration Forum, Immigrant Legal Resource Center, and others.


The Colorado Keeping the DREAM Alive Committee

This guide is divided by content area.  Each content area is linked to several documents and should download to your computer as a compressed ZIP folder.  Please right click (PC) or ctrl click (MAC) to extract all documents to have full access.