Who we are

Together Colorado is a nonpartisan, multi-racial and multi-faith community organization working to place human dignity at the center of public life in Colorado.

What we do

Faith drives us to organize for a better world for our children and our children's children. Leaders with Together Colorado organize to create a society where everyone can thrive, without exception.

Why we do it

We desire a world where all people live a life of dignity, one where all people have the freedom, the ability, and the right to flourish physically, emotionally, and spiritually.



Our various faith traditions compel us to love, care for, and seek justice for the stranger among us.



Our children deserve to learn in an environment that nurtures their growth and wholeness.




Colorado’s investment in education is lagging behind other states. In the 2017-18 school year alone, Colorado schools were underfunded by nearly $830 million.

Together Colorado is currently collecting signatures for the Great Schools, Thriving Communities ballot initiative.

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Payday lenders still trap Coloradans in outrageously high-cost debt. The average interest rate for a payday loan in 2016 was 129%! We cannot allow usury like this to continue.

Initiative 126 would cap the interest rate and fees on payday loans at 36% APR.

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Growing up undocumented in this country, I always felt powerless about my surroundings and even my own destiny. In Together Colorado LA RED's Immigration Campaign, I found a space to share my struggles and hear those of others. I love my Together Colorado family, and I’m so grateful for them. Here, I found my own dignity, which I needed to feel valued and empowered to have a voice in the decisions that shape our world.

Laura Peniche Together Colorado LA RED Immigration Leader

My involvement in Together Colorado has given me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and build relationships with others of different cultures and faiths. While having real conversations with other Together Colorado members, I realized that even though there are differences in cultures and faiths there are commonalities among groups. We all want the opportunity to a hold decent job in order to provide for our families, be a homeowner, and live where children have the opportunity to a good education.

Claire Scott Board of Directors, Together Colorado

The first time I heard about Together Colorado was 9 years ago when my daughter's school invited me to a reunion of parents which they were organizing. In that moment I couldn’t imagine how this organization would change my life. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to participate in the Education, Immigration, and Economic Justice committees. What I like most about Together Colorado is how they start to involve “regular” people and as months pass by, those same people become individuals capable of organizing other people to better their communities, the school of their kids, and even transform the cities they live in.

Miguel Oaxaca Board of Directors, Together Colorado


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