Finding new life in endings – Rev. Jessica Abell

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There are many reasons why I am a member of Together Colorado. Our work here gives me the chance to embody God’s call to move and act for the regeneration and care of all God has made. Together Colorado gatherings are the only consistently multiracial spaces I have found in Denver, something I seek out […]

Two by Two – Marie Venner

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While I have participated on various commissions, councils and ministries since my early teens and even studied organizational (administration) and community development (planning) in graduate school, training in organizing remained a gap for me. As it turned out, most of my career ended up in research and providing resources and guidance for those in public service, mainly […]

How Colorado became the first state to abolish slavery


By: Kamau Allen, Together Colorado Organizer When Colorado became the first state in the union to abolish slavery from its constitution last year — thanks to the efforts of a multi-year, grassroots campaign — people were shocked it hadn’t been done sooner. Many weren’t even aware that slavery was still legal. Yet, buried in our […]

Preaching Prophetic Imagination

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Recently, our Faith Table listened to a Walter Brueggemann discussion of “What is a Prophet?” Brueggemann’s book, Prophetic Imagination, was written 40 years ago, but it is creating new discussions about how faith leaders can help their members navigate a cultural environment of conflict and false narratives. The concept of prophetic imagination can help us look beyond the discouraging […]