Faith Voices: A Call to the Faithful – Rev. Gary R. Weaver

Where is the “zero tolerance” of children in cages from the people of America? Where is the zero tolerance of the 70,000 immigrant children in U.S. detention centers as reported in 2019? Where is the zero tolerance for the seven children who have died in U.S. immigration custody?

I just don’t get it!

When the Trump Administration implemented their “zero tolerance policy” in 2018, separating children from their parents, placing unaccompanied children seeking asylum in detention centers without concern for adequate care or reconnection with their families, I was certain the American people would not put up with it. I was confident we would rise up as a moral nation condemning this situation as cruel and inhumane and demanding a stop to it!

But then, after a few months of media coverage, newspaper opinion pieces, and politicians declaring this atrocity as unAmerican, the national interest faded and the media became quiet. Still, the situation persists as late as April with the shutting of the border and the expelling of over 950 of the 1001 children who presented themselves for asylum in May.

Has America completely lost our moral conscience? Have we broken our moral compass beyond repair? Do we no longer care about our neighbors to the south? Can we stop our ears and cover our eyes to the cruelty toward God’s children in the name of “American security”?

People of faith cannot. We have not and we will not! Even today, amid the pandemics of Covid-19 and rampant racism, we hear the cries of the children and the yearning of their mothers and fathers for reunion, for welcoming their children back into their arms.

It’s time to regroup, reorganize our efforts together in Colorado and follow the spirit of compassion, concern, and human connection.

Rev. Gary R. Weaver
Faith Leaders in Action, Pueblo


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