A New Paradigm of Beauty – Rev. Wendy Jones

I was just outside listening to a thunder shower sweep through the Grand Valley. And I was taken in by the beauty of the clouds, the rain, and the water.

And so, began my reflection on beauty.

What is beauty?

It’s the lone little flower with a magnificent purple bud bursting through the concrete sidewalk.

Beauty is tens of thousands of turtles on a beach in Greece heading for the sea after being blocked from their destination for decades because of the trash, as a result of the dedication of a group of humans working together, cleaning up the beach and enabling these beautiful animals survive to once again.

Beauty is thousands of teenagers refusing to go to school until we do something about our gun laws.

Beauty is a human being who came into the world as Matthew and then became Abby and then turned herself into a gentle and graceful woman named Billie who spent her time writing poetry until an uninvited brain tumor took her away.

Beauty is the woman who courageously approached me after one of my sermons on the “me too” movement, voice wavering with tears in her eyes and said “thank you, even my own family wouldn’t believe me.”

Beauty was her willingness to express that vulnerability and the courage to say words out loud that hadn’t been spoken for six decades.

Beauty is the individuated divine spark coming to life in each individual
person as we open our eyes and look at the world and see it in a new way.

And so, today I look around, and I realize that every person I see is an expression of beauty.

Every person has a unique story of courage, vulnerability, joy, survival and each one of our unique individual stories are beautiful and holy.

Beauty is found in the numerous extensions of love we offer one another in our darkest times.

This year, it is all blending together as the needs of nature, the needs of human beings, the needs of animals are all being expressed in different ways.

And they are all beautiful.

Rev. Wendy Jones,
Minister of the UU Congregation of the Grand Valley,
Western Slope Faith Leaders Table

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