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Faith Voices: Teaching Freedom – Rabbi Hillel Katzir

The Jewish Festival of Passover begins this Saturday evening, March 27, and lasts for eight days. During those days, Jews observing the Festival take part in a number of observances that are all part of the central theme of teaching the lessons of the holiday.

Faith Voices: In a World Without Caste – Rev. Mark Meeks

In a world without caste, instead of a false swagger over our own tribe or family or ascribed community, we would look upon all of humanity with wonderment: the lithe beauty of an Ethiopian runner, the bravery of a Swedish girl determined to save the planet, the physics-defying aerobatics of an African-American Olympian…

Faith Voices: The Fear and the Hope – Rev. Jessica Abell

The most common message throughout the holy books of the Abrahamic people is “do not be afraid.” And yet, fear in many ways swirls around us. Sometimes fear is a gift of signal and alerts us to where true danger may lie. And sometimes fear is the mind-killer, the paralyzer, the insidious liar, and holds us back from the path before us.

Faith Voices: The Current – Dave Edwards

Ruth Messinger, former president of the American Jewish World Service, cautions us not to let the enormity of what needs fixing be an excuse to turn aside from involvement. “It is our responsibility to work through the feeling of being overwhelmed, find ways in which we can make a difference, and remember our tradition teaches that to save one life is to save the world.”

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