Balancing Me and Thee – Rev. Gary R. Weaver

In his “Daily Meditation” recently, Fr. Richard Rohr wrote: “God and the entire cosmos are about two things: differentiation (people and things becoming themselves) and communion (living in supportive coexistence).”

This is one of the most concise and astute descriptions I’ve read recently of the age old human tension between the need for solitude and the need for socialization.  We struggle to find that even balance between the two, but it seems we clearly need both experiences in our life to be healthy, happy and whole. Of course we introverts tend to lean more toward aloneness whereas extroverts seem quite comfortable with full time socialization.  Consequently, contemplation or prayer is no problem for introverts just as social action is eagerly embraced by extroverts.

Nevertheless, it seems all of us need to intentionally include both in our daily lives to find that “sweet balance” between contemplation and action, faith and works, loving God and loving neighbor, differentiation and communion.  I know I need both. If I spend too much time alone it starts to feel lonely and if I spend too much time around family or friends I feel drained. If I’m paying attention to my body/mind/spirit I sense when it’s time to move apart and when it’s time to reunite.

I think the prophet Micah put it succinctly (with my italics): “What does the Lord require of you (for healthy holiness and wholeness) but to do justice, and to love kindness (social action and caring community), and to walk humbly with your God (in the solitude of prayer and constantly in your own heart)?”

Good being with you friends and colleagues…and see you later.

Peace & Joy,

Rev. Gary R. Weaver
Pueblo Faith Leaders in Action

1 thought on “Balancing Me and Thee – Rev. Gary R. Weaver”

  1. Dear Gary, I woke up thinking of you and Katie. So I looked up your. name and this wonderful description of God’s people . I’m definitely an introvert, but at times get lonely for you extroverts. The last couple f years have been difficult because of my health. I’m a part of the online ministry at Abundant Life Church in Lee’s Summit, MO since Covid started. I’ve been at ALBC for almost 20 years and attend Bible Study Fellowship there. Online is not as good as in person, but it’s better than nothing at all.
    I’m happy to see that you are still writing and helping others through your writing.
    I’ll always love you and Katie.
    In Christ , Patti

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