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Faith Voices: Breathe. Focus. Continue. – Rabbi Kim Harris

“Rabbi Tarfon used to say: ‘It is not your duty to finish the work, but neither are you at liberty to neglect it.'”

It is upon all of us to do something to the best of our ability to make this world a more just place for all who dwell here; but in these times, the amount of work we need to do can seem daunting, and we are stretching ourselves beyond capacity to try to solve every problem and every societal ill. I am learning, however, that if I can focus with all my might on one issue at a time, combining my efforts with others, I can make a much greater impact. I will surely never complete what needs to be done, but I can certainly do my part.

From Rabbi Kim Harris
Congregation B’nai Chaim, Morrison
Jeffco Faith Leaders Table

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