Together Colorado Federated Committee:

Climate Justice

The Climate Justice Committee calls on everyone to engage in the climate crisis. The practice of faith holds moral responsibility to call all people around the world to use their voices, hands, and feet to live in harmony with planet Earth. This heartfelt unity between humanity and the planet draws us to our roots. We must stand up for the oppressed and abused; as we have for civil rights and human freedoms, so we must now do for our shared home.

The Climate Justice Committee seeks to lead and empower communities to collaborate and act with others sharing this focus. Through political action, voter engagement, community education, and expressions of faith, we can extend our hearts and stand in solidarity with the oppressed, abused, and abandoned. By changing our relationship with the world, we breathe healing into dark places and bring light where none is found. Resolutely confronting this immense societal and planetary crisis is our responsibility.

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