Colorado’s Faith Leaders Endorse Paid Family and Medical Leave Initiative

July 14, 2020
Contact: Olga Robak (303.229.9447)

Throughout the State and Across Faiths, Spiritual Leaders Back Paid Leave as Necessary For Their Congregations Denver, CO

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the nation, more than one hundred of Colorado’s faith leaders are coming together to advocate for paid family and medical leave policies for their congregations. In a letter published by Together Colorado, a non-partisan interfaith organization, faith leaders of different religions and denominations endorse the ballot initiative as a way to bridge the gaps exposed by the pandemic that affect their congregations.

“We must take steps to remedy the gaps that have been exposed in benefits for workers who are the most economically vulnerable. This crisis further demonstrates how our current lack of a statewide, affordable and accessible paid family leave program is resulting in lost wages, loss of a job, bankruptcies and agonizing decisions about keeping a job or caring for a loved one,” states the letter signed by 102 of Colorado’s faith leaders. “With that in mind, we want to express our strong support for this ballot initiative that would let Coloradans vote on providing a paid family and medical leave program to the hardworking people of our state.”

Read the full letter here.

What faith leaders had to say about paid family and medical leave:

“I support the Paid Family and Medical Leave Ballot Initiative because it speaks to the compassion employers and our state should have towards hard-working men and women. None of us know when sickness will hit our families. The comfort of knowing that your job and your income is secure when it happens will take the stress out of a tense situation.” Rev. Dr. Timothy Tyler, Denver (Official Proponent of Ballot Initiative 283)

“As children of God who are created in the Divine image, according to our tradition, all Coloradans deserve access to paid family and medical leave to take care of themselves or their loved ones when they fall ill. This policy will allow Coloradans to put their families first in times of personal or global emergencies and will strengthen the bonds that keep families together. It would also ensure that people don’t lose their jobs and with it their paychecks and health insurance, when they have to take time to care for themselves, their newborns, or a seriously ill family member.” Rabbi Eliot Baskin, Greenwood Village

“I support the paid family and medical leave ballot initiative because my faith leads me to believe we are a society that nurtures our children and our families. To render that true, we must have the ability to nurture our families at the earliest stages of life or when our loved ones experience a medical crisis or some other health challenge. The family system is the fundamental building block of any community, society, or nation and paid family leave gives families time to form and strengthen the bonds that tie us together. If we don’t care for and nurture the building blocks, the whole structure is liable to collapse.” Rev. Pedro Silva, Boulder

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