Continuing the Work – Rabbi Pillsbury

Faith Voices: Continuing the Work

In this season of snow and darkness, of dazzling light and cozy warmth, we are reminded of the beauty of opposites, the ebb and flow of time, and the transformative power of community.

Winter, like so much of life’s difficulties, can be beautiful and life affirming when you have the resources to survive and enjoy it. When you have a warm coat and a hot cup of tea, when you are secure knowing you can heat the house as much as you like and that your car will get you wherever you wish to go in the morning. It is a lot of fun when you can go skiing or throw snowballs, relax with your friends, or curl up on the couch.

Not all of us in our community have this luxury.

In Judaism, we emphasize the importance of the community as a whole. We talk about how we are stronger together and how it is our responsibility to take care of all members of our community. Over a thousand years ago, the rabbis of the Mishna taught, “it is not upon each of us to finish the work, but it is our responsibility to continue it.”

It is each of our responsibilities to work to make our communities better, healthier, more equitable places. We will never finish that work, but it is our obligation to try.

This season, and in all seasons, may each of us continue to work to make the world a better place for ourselves and for all people.

Pirkei Avot 2:16 

Rabbi Pillsbury
Colorado Springs Faith Leaders Table

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