Together Colorado is building an alternative future for Coloradans; one in which all people are thriving physically, economically, spiritually & emotionally. We desire a Colorado where human dignity is at the center of public life.

Your donation will go toward building a world that dismantles systems of racism and white supremacy, builds people's power and voice in government, establishes equity for all, and expands public control over our resources.

Becoming a leader with Together Colorado has been the best choice of my life. We are giving the people in our community a chance to speak out regarding what is going on with them.

Jasmine Lima-Marin

I have a child with asthma who needs special care. It always scares me to think that they could deport me and then who would take care of him. Right now the most important thing for me is to see that my children have the best education and health care so that they can become professionals and contribute to the community.

Through Together Colorado, I have learned how I can contribute to my community and take part in this society to make it better and this is something that my children can also do if I could get out of the shadows.

Nancy Paz

My connection with Together Colorado has allowed me to grow in my leadership and use new skills to better my life and my family’s. I know I have a network of support at Together Colorado that I can lean on as well as contribute to.

Consuelo del Valle Former Together Colorado Board Director