Faith Voices: A Call to the Faithful – Rev. Gary R. Weaver 

Where is the “zero tolerance” of children in cages from the people of America? Where is the zero tolerance of the 70,000 immigrant children in U.S. detention centers as reported in 2019? Where is the zero tolerance for the seven …

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Faith Voices: What Are You Talking About Witness? – Rev. Pedro Silva 

When I was growing up, I used to watch a show called “Diff’rent Strokes”. It was the story about two young Black boys who were adopted by a rich White man, Mr. Drummond. In essence, the story was a rags …

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Faith Voices: Certainty and Uncertainty – Rev. Alan Johnson 

While we live with the day's emails and news, seeking to find what we can trust, we do have the hope and the promise that we will find ourselves back to our home, being at home in ourselves. We can …

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Faith Voices: From the Rush of a Violent Wind – Rev. Nicole Lamarche 

There is a story in the Christian tradition about how the Church began and it starts with the Divine, showing up with the “rush of a violent wind.” It is sudden and chaotic, confusion abounds- but out of it, what …

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Faith Voices: A Single Garment of Destiny – Rev. Emily Hagan 

Two things are spinning in my mind these days. I once had the privilege of listening to a sermon by Dr. Tony Evens on the passage Matthew 7:24-27 from the Bible. He talked about how the storm was something that …

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Faith Voices: Is it time for Jubilee? – Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry 

Once again, we are confronted with the utter inadequacies of our economic, social and political systems. Over the past decade, the wealth of the top 1 percent of households has surpassed the combined wealth of the bottom 80 percent. (source: …

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Faith Voices: Who do you pray with? – Rev. Wes Dunbar 

The boy praying immediately caught my attention. And I kept going back to it. It became almost an icon of a sort; upon which to meditate. I was mesmerized. I kept seeing more and more each time I looked. The …

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Faith Voices: The Human Journey. – Rev. Bill Calhoun 

THE HUMAN JOURNEY..ON THE WAY TO..THE SPIRITUAL ONENESS LIFE..         OUR COMPLETION ...we begin over we...ego over soul...controlling power over enabling love... first we see what is immediate to each of us...       …

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Faith Voices: God is in what is. – Mother Kae Madden 

The Mosaic is also my “work of heart.” God is in what is… Surrender. There is Life to be found … Here. Despite my resistance to change, desire for my own will, childish willfulness, refusal to give in, give up, …

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Harris FV

Faith Voices: Breathe. Focus. Continue. – Rabbi Kim Harris 

"Rabbi Tarfon used to say: 'It is not your duty to finish the work, but neither are you at liberty to neglect it.'" It is upon all of us to do something to the best of our ability to make …

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