Continuing the Work – Rabbi Pillsbury

Faith Voices: Continuing the Work In this season of snow and darkness, of dazzling light and cozy warmth, we are reminded of the beauty of opposites, the ebb and flow of time, and the transformative power of community. Winter, like so much of life’s difficulties, can be beautiful and life affirming when you have the […]


We Wait – Pastor Daniel Smith

Faith Voices: We Wait Advent We wait. As smoke filled wind makes its way east, As cold nights infiltrate cars that double as homes, As news from the warfronts fade into tragic regularity. We wait. We wait. As our hearts yearn for a world we thought would be here by now, As our minds struggle […]

faith voices susan bolduc

The Light of Hope – Susan Bolduc

Everywhere we look today there is fear. Fear of the other, fear of economic inequality, fear of the hate and violence that permeates our communities, fear for the hardships of those who mass migrate. Fear of an environment that looks like creation in reverse. Yet, all our faith traditions tell us not to fear. The […]