Faith Voices: Sacred Accountability – Rev. Wendy Williams 

It is hard in these times to resist the cultural impulse to find someone to blame. Yet, if blame was in any way a useful tool, we would surely be on the road to recovery.

Faith Voices: Reflection for Ash Wednesday – Rev. Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson 

I have long loved Ash Wednesday. It is a particular and peculiar Christian ritual, as far as I can tell. It is traditionally a time of repentance, fasting and abstaining from activities and foods that might separate us from God.

Faith Voices: Rev. Bich Thy (Betty) Nguyen – Hymn for the Hurting 

Poet Amanda Gorman stated that she wrote this poem after the massacre in Uvalde, Texas. This poem reminds me that we are in this together.

Faith Voices: Go to the People – Liliana Stahlberg 

“Go to the people. Live with them. Learn from them. Love them.”

Faith Voices: The Gifts of Our Traditions – Bonita Bock 

Might we have the discipline to utilize the gifts of our traditions to transcend the downward trend, bringing hope and inviting healing to those around us as we care for ourselves and care for the world.

Faith Voices: God Bless Our Contradictions – Rev. Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson 

“God bless our contradictions, those parts of us which seem out of character.”

Faith Voices: Hope for the Holidays – Pastor Wesley Dunbar 

We are being accosted at every turn with hate speech, antisemitism, unconscionable acts against innocent people and people in power doing nothing. Where do we find hope during a season when many of our faith traditions speak of hope?

Faith Voices: Banishing the Darkness Together – Rev. Bill Calhoun 

“For though my faith is not yours and your faith is not mine, if we each are free to light our own flame…”

Faith Voices: Communities of Persistent, Patient Love – Rev. John Mark Hild 

“The church is not called to become a community of psychiatrists; it is called to become a community of persistent, patient love.”

Faith Voices: A Time of Transformation – Jane Reina 

At times these days we can feel helpless and frustrated because of our state of perpetual crisis. We can see it as a time of transition or a time of transformation.

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