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I believe in the vision of Together Colorado as a statewide non-partisan, multi-faith, multi-racial organization. I support its mission to unlock the power of people in our congregations and neighborhoods to address the community issues that most deeply impact their lives through community organizing. Recognizing our positions as trusted community leaders, I want to work with other clergy and faith leaders through Together Colorado to support this transformational process, building a powerful faith voice for human dignity in Colorado.

As a faith leader with Together Colorado:

  • You will receive the weekly Together Colorado Faith Voices reflection. See a sample HERE.
  • You will receive and prayerfully consider a maximum of 12 Action Opportunities annually, deciding to participate, or not, as so led. Signers do so as individuals, not as representatives of their institutions.
  • You may choose to participate, as able, in a monthly Regional Caucus in a strategic location or with strategic constituencies, working with other Together Colorado clergy and faith leaders on key issues and activities to build our collective voice & power. See list of Faith Leader Caucuses HERE.
  • Activities could include some of the following: building collective non-partisan relationships with public officials; visiting other faith leaders to build relationships & invite participation; participating in training, skill-building & networking opportunities.
  • You may develop and/or participate, as able, in local or statewide activities such as prayer vigils, press conferences or actions on issues that enhance human dignity in Colorado.
  • You may consider exposing to or engaging my congregation in one or two larger federated events or campaigns during the year.
  • For more information on Together Colorado, download Together Colorado’s Organizational Overview.

For more information on Faith Leaders in Together Colorado, contact: Patty Lawless, Lead Statewide Organizer, [email protected], 720-297-7091.

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