Faith Voices: A Prayer for Racial Justice – Rev. Dr. Anne Rice-Jones

Save us, O God, from ourselves,
From racism often cloaked in pious words, 

From the machinations of white supremacy hidden in calls for civility,
From micro-aggressions thinly veiled in arrogance,
From apologies when they don’t give way to action,
From forgiveness without facing the truth,
From reconciliation without reparation.

Deliver us, O God, from expecting siblings of color to continue to
Bear this emotional work, which is not theirs to do. 

Grateful for the long arc that bends toward justice, we pray:
Grant us wisdom,
Give us the courage for the facing of these days.
Peace, Shalom, Salaam, Amen.

Taken from a prayer from ELCA Worship 

Shared by Rev. Dr. Anne Rice-Jones,
Metro Denver Faith Leaders Caucus

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