Faith Voices: A Time of Transformation – Jane Reina

At times these days we can feel helpless and frustrated because of our state of perpetual crisis. We can see it as a time of transition or a time of transformation. Let’s choose transformation! Let’s see ourselves in what Richard Rohr calls the movement from “Order to Disorder to Order.” We can reasonably say that we are in disorder right now. All around us we see the fear, deception and hate that throws our society into chaos, disregarding life as community.

We now know that we are biology, part of life on earth, and by caring for earth and not abusing her, we take care of ourselves. We also know we are created by Divinity to be community. Doing the hard work with honesty, integrity, and a commitment to service, we can be transformed into a world of caring.

My tradition, Ecumenical Catholic, treasures the right of all Creation to thrive. This means that the lives of white-skinned people will not truly matter until the lives of black- and brown-skinned people have meaning, respect and freedom. When white-skinned people feel in their hearts the love that comes from our belief that we are all siblings in God on Earth, then we will, with open arms and without judgement, accept ALL regardless of nationality, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, health status or needs. For this we pray: that we come together, celebrating each other and our home planet in the Glory of God!

– Rev. Jane Reina
Mary of Magdala, Ecumenical Catholic Communion
Northern Colorado Faith Leader Caucus

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