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Faith Voices: Abide with All Creation – Rev. Jack Veatch

In this time of pandemic I have taken up two new identities, Pet Owner and Pastor, as well as found new meaning in an old identity as a Gardener. In the confluences of these roles I have internalized this wisdom: Creation will tell you what it’s been through, what it needs, and where it wants to go. My adopted dog clues me into his past when he anxiously paces as we are about to leave him alone in the house. My congregants lift prayers for security, comfort, belonging, connection and healing when the space is given to them. My cilantro bends itself towards the sunlight gleaming through the window.

To me this is the role of the faithful; to abide with all creation. Creation will tell you its story if you listen. Creation will tell you what it needs if you are present. Creation will show you where it’s going if you follow its direction. God calls me to creation care; to listen, to be present, and to go forward together. That is the fulfillment I find at Together Colorado.

– Rev. Jack Veatch, Disciples of Christ, Evergreen
  Jefferson County Faith Leaders Table

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