Faith Voices: And We Heal – Rev. Ana Scott

Hello, Creator! With a renewed perception of vigor, I sense the Divine Presence today.
The spiritual perfection of God and only God is everywhere, all the time.
Knowing that God and I are one, I know it for all people everywhere.
We are one, God is within each of us.
Today, I claim that the healing energy of God fills and moves each of us into a higher state of being.
We are open to the golden healing light of God all around us, ready to permeate and lift us into a peaceful state of perfect health, emotional, spiritual and physical.
Thank you, Father, Mother, God…
Thank you for this healing coming through for each of us right now.
I release this word to the action of the Law. It is done. It is complete. And so it is.

– Rev. Anna Scott
Western Slope Faith Leaders Table

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