Control - Rev Alan Johnson

Faith Voices: Control – Rev. Alan Johnson

You’ve heard these words: “Well, it’s out of my hands!”; “It’s beyond my control.”; or “You have to do something about that.” During this time, one of the questions that arises is, “what are we really in control of?” We read about all the precautions we take to avoid infection with COVID-19. Mostly, we do the best we can. But with all the struggles that ensue as our lives are upended by this pandemic, some things are just beyond our control. What do we do then?

We invite you to spend time to get clearer about what we can control and what we cannot. It is our hope that such reflection brings encouragement as we live into this next season. For some of us, there is desperation when we hit a wall — things we cannot change. As Richard Rohr has written, “Sooner or later, life will lead you to a dark place that you can’t fix, that you can’t control, and that’s where transformation happens.”


Rev. Alan Johnson
Boulder County Interfaith Leaders Caucus

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