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Faith Voices: Devotion to the Holy – Rev. Mark Meeks

Abraham Heschel taught, “just to be is a blessing; just to live is holy.” But concerning the holy he also provided a critical lesson, one essential for our time in this present history:

“Even more frustrating than the fact that evil is real, mighty, and tempting is the fact that it thrives so well in the disguise of the good, that it can draw its nutriment from the life of the holy. In this world, it seems, the holy and the unholy do not exist apart, but are mixed, interrelated, and confounded. It is a world where idols may be rich in beauty, and where the worship of God may be tinged with wickedness… It is not the lack of religion but the perversion of it that the prophets of Israel denounced…”

So our devotion to the holy must be brought each day to the light of doing justice, loving kindness, living humbly.

– Rev. Mark Meeks
Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church
Metro Denver Faith Leaders Caucus

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