Faith Voices: Healing in Community, Healing through Connection – Rev. Ruth Rinehart

We come together [in community] to remind one another
To rest for a moment on the forming edge of our lives,
To resist the headlong tumble into the next moment,
Until we claim for ourselves
Awareness and gratitude,
Taking the time to look into one another’s faces
And see there communion:
The reflection of our own eyes.
This [community] of laughter and silence, memory and hope, Is hallowed by our presence together.

– Kathleen McTigue, #435 Opening Words, Singing the Living Tradition

Unitarian Universalist congregations are held together not by a creed, but by a covenant – a deep and sacred promise to walk together in religious community.

The work of JUUST Living is about healing in community, healing through connection. Addiction is a disease of disconnection. The opposite of addiction is CONNECTION. In the same room, taking the time to look into one another’s faces.

And, ironically, the work of JUUST Living means I need my faith colleagues more than ever, as I am now working outside of a traditional parish, as a sole Executive Director. We are building toward a staff team, but I am solo for now. The Jeffco Faith Leaders Table brings me into the circle of other spiritual leaders, working toward the day when the inherent worth and dignity of every person might be realized, in that more beautiful world we all know is possible.

As faith leaders, we need each other to survive. Being together. Being seen. Being vulnerable. Connecting. Relaxing with colleagues. Building each other up. I need you to survive. – Hezekiah Walker, I Need You To Survive

Rev. Ruth Rinehart
JUUST Living
Jefferson County Faith Leaders Table, Together Colorado

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