Faith Voices: In a World Without Caste – Rev. Mark Meeks

The following excerpt is taken from Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson.

“In a world without caste, instead of a false swagger over our own tribe or family or ascribed community, we would look upon all of humanity with wonderment: the lithe beauty of an Ethiopian runner, the bravery of a Swedish girl determined to save the planet, the physics-defying aerobatics of an African-American Olympian, the brilliance of a composer of Puerto Rican descent who can rap the history of the founding of America at 144 words a minute – all of these feats should fill us with astonishment at what the species is capable of and gratitude to be alive for this.

“In a world without caste, being male or female, light or dark, immigrant or native-born, would have no bearing on what anyone was perceived as being capable of. In a world without caste, we would all be invested in the well-being of others in our species if only for our own survival, and recognize that we are in need of one another more than we have been led to believe. We would join forces with indigenous people around the world raising the alarm as fires rage and glaciers melt. We would see that, when others suffer, the collective human body is set back from the progression of our species.

“A world without caste would set everyone free.”

-Shared by Rev. Mark Meeks, Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church,

Metro Denver Faith Leaders Caucus

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