Faith Voices: Making Choices in the Name of Love and Justice – Rev. Judy Wrought

“I’m not surprised by evil or paralyzed by despair. We are at such a low moment in the history of the country that we have to be unflinching in our attempt to recognize levels of corruption, organized hatred, institutionalized fear, hypocrisy and at the same time straighten our backs up and be willing to bear witness to integrity, honesty, and decency.”

“…I am a fallible, finite, fallen follower of Jesus of Nazareth. And what that means is that spiritual and moral greatness have nothing to do with skin pigmentation, sexual orientation or national identity. It has to do with human beings making choices in the name of love and justice – not hate and revenge, in the name of integrity, honesty and decency.”

—Dr. Cornel West

– Rev. Judy Wrought
First United Presbyterian Church Loveland
Northern Colorado Faith Leaders Caucus

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